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A Team Who Cares Who Values What Matters To You.

"I am a stroke survivor. I spent three months at the rehab hospital without much functional gains. I was unable to move myself in bed, despite all, I was discharged home due to insurance denials because I was not progressing fast enough and I was considered plateau. The OT at AnneRose Occupational Therapy Services helped me reach my goals, to move myself in out of bed, go to the bathroom safely and sit down on the table to have dinner with my wife again". JB

"Working with occupational therapists from AnneRose allowed me to see this profession in a different way. I have worked with lot of other therapists from hospital to home as a result of my illness. The occupational therapists from AnneRose are exceptional. They love what they do, they are knowledgeable, compassionate, honest and creative". JF